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Urban Air Celebrates HopeKids Family Night

The picture captures a slice of the magic perfectly — smiles wide, spirits high, as a child and their guardian whiz by in a bright Urban Air go-kart, their hands steering towards joy. Behind them, others follow suit, each kart carrying its own story, its own battles, and for this night, its own victories.


On the evening of January 24, 2024, Urban Air of Aurora, Colorado, transformed into a haven of joy and hope. In a heartwarming collaboration with HopeKids, Abby Hussey and her Urban Air Aurora, CO team hosted an exclusive family night for children facing life-threatening illnesses. The event marked a significant moment, providing over 100 HopeKids families a night filled with fun, care, and support, all free of cost.


Events like these are rare gems, thoughtfully orchestrated to provide a safe haven where families can escape the weight of medical concerns, even if just for a few hours. Urban Air Aurora, under the guidance of Abbey Hussey and her team, extended their hands and hearts to make this possible. The park was closed to the public, ensuring a comfortable and accommodating environment for the families of HopeKids.


Robbin Brown, Executive Director of the HopeKids Colorado Chapter, didn’t shy away from expressing profound gratitude for the night. Her words paint a vivid picture of the impact such kindness can have: “The fact that we could host this private event was such a gift…” she said, emphasizing the inclusive nature of the event. Special accolades were given to Cheyenne, from the cafe, whose exceptional service stood out, a beacon of the caring spirit that enveloped the night.


The HopeKids Family Night at Urban Air Aurora wasn’t just about the fun of go-karting or the thrill of the adventure park’s attractions. It was about carving out a space where joy could take center stage, where the challenges of life could take a back seat, and where community support could shine its brightest. This event was a powerful reminder that it’s not just the big victories that count, but also the small moments of happiness that we create for each other.


Were you or someone you know part of this beautiful event? Share your story with Unleashed Brands Foundation on LinkedIn and spread the word about the incredible work being done by HopeKids and Urban Air Aurora. Let’s keep the wheel of hope spinning for every family facing these challenges.