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Bringing Joy and Creating Memories: Urban Air Coon Rapids, MN Partners with HopeKids

In a world often marked by challenges, it’s heartening to witness organizations that go above and beyond to bring smiles and joy to those who need it most. Rachel Graber and Urban Air Adventure Park of Coon Rapids, MN proudly joined hands with HopeKids, making a meaningful impact on families facing difficult illnesses. On October 29th, more than 195 kids and families spent the day enjoying a special HopeKids Halloween party at Urban Air Adventure Park of Coon Rapids, MN. Here’s a glimpse into the heartwarming testimonials and experiences that highlight the positive influence of this powerful partnership.

A Safe Haven for Families:

Urban Air Coon Rapids, through its collaboration with HopeKids, provides families with a safe haven to play, have fun, and create lasting memories. The commitment to safety is evident in the positive feedback received from families who had reservations about trampoline parks but found comfort in the facility’s dedication to a secure environment.

“All of the staff that were present for the HopeKids Event on October 29th went above and beyond to make it the best experience for our families. They were very patient and understanding of guest that needed that extra attention and reassurance. I have always been hesitant for our family to participate in trampoline parks due to safety, but the facility made our family feel safe. I will definitely recommend this facility to other families.” -Guest Comment

Exceptional Staff Dedication:

Testimonials applaud the Urban Air Coon Rapids staff for going above and beyond during the HopeKids Event on October 29th. Staff members exhibited patience, understanding, and extra attention to ensure that every child and family felt welcomed and cared for.

“It has been wonderful to see first-hand the impact HopeKids has on kids and families affected by such hard illnesses. By partnering with HopeKids, Urban Air Coon Rapids is able to offer these families a safe place to play together, have fun and make memories. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be apart their mission and support such an important and worthy cause.” – Kristy Hope Events Coordinator Urban Air Adventure Park Coon Rapids

A Grateful Community:

The impact of Urban Air Coon Rapids and HopeKids partnership extends beyond the park’s walls, resonating with grateful families and event attendees. HopeKids MN Program Director, Brianna Warke, expressed gratitude for the caring and patient staff, emphasizing the positive impressions left on parents.

“It was a great event. Your staff is so caring and patient with the kids. Parents were really impressed and thankful for going the extra mile.” – Brianna Warke, Program Director HopeKids MN

Continued Commitment and Future Endeavors:

The privilege of working with HopeKids MN is a sentiment echoed by Rachel Graber, Managing Director of Urban Air Coon Rapids. Urban Air Coon Rapids looks forward to hosting more events, creating opportunities for children to be carefree and families to bond in a fun and secure environment.

“Working with HopeKids MN as a partner is a true privilege. We have the wonderful opportunity to hold another event for Halloween after we successfully hosted one in June 2023. We look forward to continuing to partner with them for many more events that allow kids to be kids and families to spend quality time together in a fun and safe environment. Observing the children’s eyes as they enter the park is my favorite part. I get so happy seeing the smiles on their faces!”
– Rachel Graber Managing Director Urban Air Coon Rapids

The partnership between Urban Air Coon Rapids, MN and HopeKids goes beyond the realm of entertainment—it touches the lives of families facing challenges and provides them with a space to find joy, support, and lasting memories. As Urban Air Coon Rapids, MN continues its commitment to making a positive impact, the collaboration with HopeKids stands as a beacon of hope and compassion in our community.